Ramakant Deshpande
Art Director & Print Consultant
"I don't divide graphic design, Packaging or Brochure;
to me they are one."
- Ramakant
This is who we are:
We are an innovative design firm based in Bangalore, India, offering a range of services from advertising and campaigns to web graphics and product packaging. Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive advertising and promotional support to our clients.
And this is what we love doing:
Art makes us happy. Designing is an art. And part of this art involves understanding our clients, collaborating with them, ideating…a crucial and rewarding process. A process that is just as important to us as the product. One that makes sure we deliver.
We want you to be a part of this process. So how can we help?
About Us
Sitting in the Tarang office you don’t have to listen too carefully to hear the constant click-click of the mouse, or the occasional (but precise) taps on the keyboard. The dozen computers around you seem to slowly wake up to a persistent hum just as the clock strikes 10 in the morning. But these office-ey sounds gradually fade into the background by mid-afternoon. Maybe it’s that tricky logo we’re working on, the one that is not exactly the right shade of blue yet…busy busy busy. And we’re picky about the details too. Maybe THAT’S why we don’t hear the clicks, the taps, the hum…even though they’re all still there.
Conceptualization and execution aren’t really two distinct stages in the design process. Often, it’s the same thing. But creating a healthy balance between the two so that we can deliver precisely what our client wants is what keeps us involved and busy.
Established in the year 1994, we thought “Tarang” was an apt name for what we intended to do. Create waves. Surviving in, what is today, a very competitive market isn’t easy. But we know we deliver, and more importantly, our clients know it as well. We think it’s important to have a high intellectual and emotional investment in what we do, and this makes us selective about the work we take on.
Invested in the needs of our clients. Invested in our work. Invested in results.
That’s just us.
@2014 by Ramakant Deshpande   Designer & Consultants