Ramakant Deshpande
Art Director & Print Consultant
Company History
Established in the year 1994, Tarang was the brain child of a seasoned and qualified professional whose primary objective was (and still is) to offer comprehensive advertising and promotional services to companies.
Tarang, a Sanskrit word that means “waves”, was chosen as a fitting company name because it reflected the founder’s business philosophy. The execution of the design process is similar to that of the ripple-effect, evolving to mean much more than its conceptual origin.
Our aim with every project is to keep both the client’s needs as well as personal and shared creative trends in mind before executing a balanced and focused design concept.
Based in Bangalore, India, we offer the personalized attention and involvement of a small team with the optimum productivity of a large organization.
Heaving been in the business for the last 19 years, we focus on a holistic approach to our assignments. A low profile organization, we work from a cozy office in the suburbs of North Bangalore, and our homey, personalized design process is reflected in our work and professional relationships.
Our Approach
We make sure we maintain a high standard for ourselves during both the conceptualization as well as execution stages. We are selective and never take on more than we can handle. We also demand a high level of intellectual and emotional investment in the projects we take on. Our most valuable investments are in training, study circles, review sessions, workshops, books and software; thus laying emphasis on functioning as a learning organization.
Client Relationship:
We think client trust is very important. Our long-standing clients keep coming back to us because they know what we can do, and they trust us with their projects. And this is why we still work:
We take up assignments only after a qualitative and quantitative brief is agreed upon.
We require that the briefing authority and approving authority be the same in our client’s organization.
Our clients are members of the creative and planning team. We always welcome specific inputs.
We work closely with our clients at every stage of the conceptual and creative process. This ensures that the end product is exactly what the client wants, expects and needs. Unpleasant creative shocks are religiously avoided.
We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.
We work towards a common goal with our clients, functioning as professional associates.
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